Beep, Beep, BEEP. I groan and roll over onto my stomach as that dreaded alarm goes of. In my annoyance I slam the bedside table and hear my phone hit the ground, luckily the the fear over having a broken phone jolts me awake and I jump out of bed to grab my phone. I shut the alarm off and shuffle out of my room to the bathroom to shower.

Just my luck I think as I see the empty conditioner bottle and the endless void in a bottle of shampoo. After only 45 minutes in the shower you suddenly find yourself bathing in the Atlantic Ocean. This is going to be the worst day ever, I groan as I reach for a towel only to find that there’s not any towels in the bathroom. I stand there cold and naked contemplating my escape (RUN FOREST RUN, I think to myself). I get to my room and search my closet full of clothes for an outfit. As usual I have nothing to wear. Half heartedly I dress in the outfit that I know later in the day I will regret wearing.

I then proceed to my makeup. The struggle. Eventually I get to mascara, I get one eye done and it looks great. Then as I move on the the other, my body decides then would be a good time to blink. great mascara all over my face. Finally once my hair and makeup are done I head upstairs for breakfast, but of course it’s too early to be hungry, but I know once I arrive to school my stomach will be growling. Lose-Lose situation.I settle and have a glass of juice and a granola bar.

After, I go to brush my teeth and struggle to push out the last bit of toothpaste, then slide on my shoes on the way out to my car. I get in and realize that I’m almost out of gas, because I was too lazy to drive down to the gas station yesterday. I pull out my phone and shoot off a text to my friend asking her to come pick me up, on her way. Luckily she was just leaving and arrives at my house just in time. We make it to school, and I run upstairs to my first period class. I situate myself, but my comfort doesn’t last long when the teacher asks for us to pass in our homework. “What homework!” I gasp under my breath, and rub my temples in frustration. The rest of the school day doesn’t get any better, despite my constant groaning and moaning. At last the day is over and I head out to meet my friend at her car. On the way home we just happen to hit every red light. All my friend wants to talk about is her new boyfriend Randy, I feel bad, but I really could care less. She rabbles on all the way to my house, and I have to cut her off, saying bye as I get out of the door. Exhausted I throw my bag on the floor, not allowing myself think of the mounds of homework I have left to do, and sit down on the couch. My mom had left the T.V on her favorite cooking show and for a few minutes. Eventually I decide that I can maybe muster the strength to search the room with my eyes for the remote. I locate it sitting next to the T.V in front of me.

“Yeah that’s not happening. I think to myself, and subject myself to half an hour of watching my mom’s boring cooking show. My stomach’s growling finally convinces me to get off the couch and get some food to eat, “Hey, it’s been a rough day” I think to myself in attempt to justify my choosing of pringles for a snack. While I’m up I grab the remote too, but of course there’s nothing on anyways, and thus the effort, was pointless and the energy completely wasted.

Time to start in on the homework, I decide. reaching for my bag and popping open the pringles can lid. I eat about half the can, but am stopped in my attempt to finish the can by my inability to fit my hand down into it. I give up trying to extract the chips out of the can and start onto my homework. I decide to turn on my music, but my phone is on 5%, and of course my charger is all the way upstairs.

I head to bed that night exhausted from my hard day, but really when I take a step back. It could be worse.