The Social Dilemma

Braden Powell, Online Editor

Ain’t nobody need to know what you had for breakfast. You had Lucky Charms? Guess what? No one cares. So why in the world do people share it on facebook? We live in a world where social media has become a part of everyday life. We’re posting things about everything, from ridiculous things like breakfast, to serious things, like fundraiser information. Social media can be good, and productive, and allow us to stay in touch with our friends, even the ones that live in other parts of the world. But everything has its opposite. Sometimes people share stuff that, frankly, NOBODY NEEDS TO KNOW! There is no need to share your illness. Meaning, if you’re sick as sick, I don’t need to know, yet alone know the details! Don’t get me wrong. If you’re diagnosed with cancer, that’s something you can post. It will allow your friends and family to support you. Sharing that you have the stomach flu is a totally different animal. I don’t wanna know what I might have been exposed to when I was around you last time I saw you.

Before you post that picture of you and your boyfriend, please, ask yourself, “did I post a picture of us yesterday?” If the answer is yes, we all can wait another day or two too see another picture of you. We all know that everyone loves Nutella. So we don’t need to post pictures of it on facebook, saying “delicious.” If you wanna have a nice little chat with one of your friends, don’t have it through the comment section of someone’s post. Facebook has this neat little feature that will allow you to send a message, and only you and that person will see it, and be notified about it. They didn’t add that feature for kicks and giggles. If you wanna send messages, send messages; not comments.

When you are on pinterest, and you pin something, DON’T click the option to share it on Facebook. If I wanted to see your pins, I’d go to Pinterest. Don’t use hashtags on Facebook. Hashtags are for Twitter.