Teacher Evaluation

Kason Eggers, Staff Writer

There are two different types of teachers. Teachers that teach great. And teachers that just teach.

The teachers that just teach are the ones that really need some extra help. Some people just aren’t born to be a teacher. They can be a fantastic person, but not a fantastic teacher. They should be, simply, let go from teaching.  There are teacher evaluations given by administrators. But they aren’t very affective.

The teachers will get evaluated, but psychologically they change their behavior as a teacher when they know they are being evaluated. Most even bribe their students to behave themselves (which isn’t a bad thing) when they are being evaluated.

This way of evaluating teachers isn’t effective. But what if we changed the way teachers were evaluated? The students themselves should get the opportunity to evaluate the teachers. The students are with the teachers most of their day and will actually give an honest response. The administrator will know which student did the evaluation, but the teacher, on the other hand, will have no idea.

However, if the evaluation was solely relied on student response, there would be a lot of teachers not teaching anymore. The best possible solution is to combine the evaluation of a head advisors and students. This then can give the best feedback on a teacher. Preston Olschewski, a senior, said, “I think it’s a good idea because the students are with the teachers the most to give an accurate evaluation.”

Administrators and other head advisors always hear rumors of the teachers not being the best teacher. But how can they fix the problem without seeing it themselves? That is why it is necessary to have this student evaluation weighed into the solution.

This can lead to greater learning environments in the school not only here at Bingham High School, but everywhere.