Sucky Sicky


We all get sick and it always seems to happen at the worst times. You have a test in every one of your classes, you have a big interview, audition, or game, you have a huge research essay to finish, or perhaps you get sick on vacation. The point is, being sick always gets in the way of your life. Wouldn’t it be nice if you never got sick, and we could eat what we want and not get food poisoning or not wear a coat outside even when it’s below 40 degrees?

When a sickness occurs the usual symptoms can include runny nose, coughing, sore throat, stress, headaches, anger, sneezing, infuriation, soreness, violence, vomiting, hissy fits, crying, sobbing, hatred, and possibly death. With such a large variety of what can happen to you it’s obvious why we as humans hate being sick. Nobody likes how your body can’t stay the same temperature for more than 5 minutes. One minute you’re burning up and the next you’re freezing. It’s a horrible tactic that your body uses to fight illnesses.

The worst part about being sick is that once you are sick you can never seem to get better. Especially if you choose to miss school, because then you end up staying up extremely late trying to catch up on all that homework you got assigned or figuring out what the math is about! So you miss out on sleep, which just makes you feel even sicker. You can’t afford to miss another day of school, though, so you go and force yourself to concentrate all day which gives you a huge headache. Your new headache means that you can’t sleep that night either, and so on and so on. It’s a vicious cycle. Being sick doesn’t just slow you down physically but mentally too. Those headaches made thinking about anything a nightmare.

However, being sick has its benefits. Your parents pity you so they give you fewer responsibilities at home. They may let you stay home depending on how sick you are. Some parents still give you the same chores you do every day, but you may convince them that a big bowl of ice cream is all you need for dinner so you can get healthy again. You get to lie on your couch and watch movies and TV shows all day!