Utah Drivers

It has come to my attention that Utah drivers have their own way of driving. Compared to other states Utah has more young and inexperienced drivers. As Utah teen drivers keep driving we learn bad habits like speeding, racing a red light, or doing other things besides driving. I’m here to remind you that driving safe is not only for your benefit but for the benefit of others around you as well.

Breaking can be complicated if you aren’t used to the breaks in your car. Some breaks are really sensitive while others slow you down just in time to not hit the car in front of you. On the other hand, you have the issue of speeding. Drivers in Utah either drive too slow or too fast. As drivers it is our responsibility to make sure we go the appropriate speed even if the cars around us are moving much faster.

Driving distracted has become such a big issue in Utah that we have laws that prohibit all cell phone or electronic use while driving. Some people think that using their phone is the only distraction while driving but that is false. Something as simple as eating or changing the radio can lead to a fatal consequence.

Lane changes can be really easy if you are paying attention to cars around you. Swerving in and out of lanes just to get to your destination isn’t very safe. In fact, the fewer lane changes you make the better. Utah drivers have a tendency of turning into the wrong lane after making a right or left turn. If you make a right turn you should turn into the right turn lane and when it is safe then make a lane change. If you make a left turn then you need to turn into the left lane and once again wait until it is safe to change lanes.

Even within the Bingham parking lot there are so many issues at hand. Bingham’s small parking lot count may be way out of proportion to those who actually park. However, you still need to park in a legitimate parking spot. Others may have difficulty backing out of their parking spot if your car is too close behind theirs. Another problem with our limited parking lots is the shame to those who are forced to park on sophomore lane. We could fit more cars on sophomore lane and cut down on parking all the way down by 9800 South if cars would back up so that there was enough space for you to get out. Some bigger cars have the advantage in the afternoon of beating the rush of students by jumping the curb onto the grass and cutting in front of cars. It’s not fair to the other drivers and slows down the flow of traffic. Maybe one day we can solve Bingham’s parking issue by having a parking garage.