Spirit Animals


First are the sheep. Shout out to my home peeps who avoid confrontation. Your spirit animal might be a sheep if you find yourself easily swayed. Also, you could be a sheep if you have the unfortunate inability to say no. Sheep are quite darling, and typically keep the peace, sheep are people pleasers, and don’t like to rock the boat.

Elephants, a rambunctious group, are the life of the party. Their personalities tend to fill the entirety of space. People whose spirit animals are elephants are energetic and, like their animal counterparts, are adorable. The tricky thing about an elephant is their sheer size overshadows everyone else who is not the size of a small apartment complex.

Your spirit animal may be a tiger if you are calculating and fearsome, like many high school teachers. They observe all other animals in the animal and spirit animal kingdoms whilst stalking their prey. Tigers are proud creatures and strong fighters. Independent, they don’t rely on anyone. They can be loyal, but also vicious.

A phoenix is the spirit animal that all other spirit animals would like to be. Some would say a phoenix is the king of the spirit animal kingdom. Most generations are only blessed with a single one. Phoenixes rise from the ashes each dawn, yet only live for a day. You can identify yourself as a phoenix if you never notice anyone else but yourself. For comparison purposes, we consider Kristen Stewart a phoenix.

Last of all, a unicorn is actually not as rare as popular opinion. Unicorns as mystical creatures are difficult to understand, yet exciting to be around. Unicorns are kind of like so popular they are lame. So, if you have uproarious popularity, yet no friends, you may be a unicorn.