Walmart Wonderland

Hannah White and Alli Milne

Wonderland just may be found within the walls of Walmart. It is often incorrectly stereotyped as the store where moms frequent, but it’s actually a pretty magical place. From getting your glasses adjusted for free to meeting friendly workers, Walmart is a fabulous place to go.
Let us begin by discussing the wardrobe (is Narnia in Walmart, too?). The clothing of Walmart always gets a bad rap for being cheap and poor quality, but to be honest, it isn’t that bad. There are hidden treasures within Walmart with inexpensive prices. Four cute scarves for $8? Sounds like a dream, but it can come true at Walmart. You can buy a low-priced yet cute outfit there, believe it or not, and they carry some pretty awesome t-shirts, too. They have a rather decent collection, and if you’re not a fan of big spending, Walmart is always a good option.
If you want to enter a fairyland place, go to the plant and flower section of Walmart and prepare to be amazed. The huge variety of bright flowers, from happy yellow ranunculus to vibrant pink gerbera daisies, will make you feel like a little kid again. You’ll have to resist the urge to buy one of every kind of flower.
The best part of Walmart? Their squirt guns. They’re super cheap, plus they’re bright and colorful and work incredibly well. If you need something cheap and good quality for a date or just an activity with your friends, do yourself a favor and buy some water guns from Walmart, especially for this summer.
A close second to the squirt guns is the dollar Lunchables and the dollar-fifty 2-liter bottles of soda. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to rot your guts out, test your metabolism, or have a #throwbackthursday to your kindergarten days of lunch kits or your 7th grade days of needing caffeine for no other reason than seeming really cool when you can get the up-all-night buzz, Walmart is the place for you.
If you do happen to require a trip to Walmart on a baggy sweats and smudged mascara day (the chocolate selection there is prime for your worst days), you don’t even have to associate with people! Walmart has a lovely little copse of independence and anti-socialism they like to call the Self-Checkout. You can go in, ring up and bag your own chocolate and cute scarves, and only have to listen to the soothing automated lady tell you your change will be dispensed below the scanner and remind you to grab your receipt and have a great day.
Walmart is your one-stop shop for all things. Gone are the days of having to drop by twelve different places for your needs – stop by the Narnian Wonderland that is Walmart and be sure to remember us.