Success vs. Satisfaction

Alexis Hansen, Staff Writer

You know that one kid in class that’s just like, “I want all this money and power because that’s what real success is”. No? Okay, maybe I phrased that in a such a way that umm…. you know what, never mind; I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

Oh, what’s that you say? Am I just satisfied with how this story’s going so far?

Well, what if I am? I should probably tell you something and it’s no laughing matter…

It’s okay to be satisfied. With what you do and what your aspirations are, you’re just good. I may have went on with this story but, let’s not think about that for a second. Satisfaction isn’t just some implication or way of saying that you’re lazy and don’t desire very much. No. And what is success anyway? Why would it make you so happy to see that fat stack of cash just handed to you?

This, my friends, is what popular culture does to us. Society feels like we need to redefine everything. I literally just saw that there is a new definition for the word, “literally”. Also, this stigma that surrounds the word “success” is judged not by yourself but, a big Hollywood executive. You’re doing this in the hopes that people will love you, making these dreams of success considerably more desirable than satisfaction (because it means you “accomplished less”)

Either way, I feel like there is something greater than this thing of “Success” that we trick ourselves into wanting. Satisfaction. You know, that one thing where you say, “My expectations are met and so, I no longer need all the things society feels I should aspire to”; because satisfaction is working hard and you’re doing it to the best of your ability and love all the chances that you get to do something awesome and working harder means you’re working long hours of tiresome crap you wish you didn’t have to do so you can have “success”.