Back to the Future Bingham

Emily Rodrigues, Staff Writer

“The goonies never say die!” said Mikey from the iconic movie, The Goonies. Well, neither do the 80s. They’re back! From pegged jeans to oversized shirts, it’s all here in our very own Bingham High.
Some say that we have brought back a few things, but is that true? You might be surprised to know that we have brought back many. The question is, how many students know that they are wearing things their parents may have worn over thirty years ago?
Let’s start from the top and work our way down. Big hair and chunky jewelry were big factors in the style of the eighties. For the girls who are wearing the messy beach waves and statement necklaces, you’re right on track!
Oversized tops, lace accents, and T-shirts with funny sayings are things that even Madonna wore back then. Johnny Depp’s look in the 1987 version of 21 Jump Street can explain a lot about the men’s styles today. The Breakfast Club might give you some insight on our high school fashion similarities too.
As for the pants, everyone rolled up their jeans or wore them acid washed in the eighties. Ask your folks. Ray-bans and ripped jeans were trending and also worn by a popular 80’s band, The Ramones. Honestly though, what is up with the parachute pants? “If I could send one thing back, it would be the baggy pants,” said theatre teacher, Mrs. Robbins.
One piece that has never gone out is the leggings. The ladies of the eighties are known for their patterned and bright colored leggings that they wore with over-sized shirts or with big, chunky belts. Sound familiar?
Our emojis are smiling from the past too! Smiley faces were a huge trend in the good old days. Even nerd glasses, jean jackets, and crop tops are all reused looks.
We have brought it all back, Bingham, but will it stay long? I mean, even the mullets are making appearances! So, is our method actually out with the new and back in with the old?