Classroom Pet Peeves

Emily Yates, Online Editor

Everyone has at least one pet peeve, whether it be a driver not using a signal, a sibling or friend drinking straight out of the container, or someone standing over your shoulder reading your computer screen. These annoyances, also known as “triggers” can drive you bonkers, and they are everywhere, especially in a classroom setting. We asked a few teachers and students about their pet peeves and recorded their responses.

“I don’t like it when people hit the side of my desk with their foot” Katie Aldrich said. Sam Stosich said, “I hate it when girls with long hair flip their hair all over my desk.”

Multiple students said a pet peeve is when other students behind lean back and shove their feet under your chair. “I hate it when people have their feet under my desk” Andrew Medeiros said, along with other students who testified that they don’t like playing footsie with other people.

Other pet peeves listed by students include:

When people chew gum or food with their mouth open

When people have a stuffy nose and when they breathe it whistles

When teachers leave little marks on the whiteboard

When the person in front of you erases like a madman and your desk shakes because of it

When the person either in front or behind can’t sit still and it is constantly shaking your desk

In a group project, someone does 99% of the work and the other members put their names on it.

Students have pet peeves, but so do teachers. Mr Ricks said, “One of my pet peeves is when students come in after being absent and ask if we did anything important the day before.”  Ms. Ioane said she hates the stringy bits on the side of notebook paper because students either leave it on the paper or on the floor. She also said she hates it when students ask to borrow a pencil. Ms. Roundy said, “When students sit there and click their pens, or tap on their desk” Ms Kelly hates it when students, “Leave their garbage… I’m not their mom!”

If you find yourself guilty of anything on this list, you can change now. The opportunity to become someone new, someone better is always available. Stay true to you, and be better than who you were yesterday.