Why Skool Sukz

Emily Rodrigues and Dallin Hougaard

You walk into your math class and your first thought is, “The square root of pi…
Man I’m hungry…” Science is a drag (it’s not like it’s how you even live or anything),
literature is never ending, and you don’t want to talk about your history class because
that is exactly what it is.
School is where we learn, make friends, and spend most of our year. Why is it so
“bad”? Is it the homework, the early mornings, or the teachers? Well, Bingham?
The teachers are here everyday just for their students’ benefit, and that’s what
they have dedicated their lives to. They work hard, and you probably couldn’t do better,
let alone even close to as well as they do. Do we appreciate it enough? *insert sarcastic
comment about us appreciating it* Given you all likely had your own sarcastic comment,
we obviously have pretty poor attitudes about school. Why is this?
English teacher Ms. Quist said, “I think that most students actually want to be
here and learn, but it’s when I assign them reading or assignments, that’s when they
don’t want to do it.” Well Bingham, is it true? Do we actually like to learn? Think about it,
we read in our spare time, but as soon as an English teacher says “To Kill A
Mockingbird, “ many students think, “Why not just kill me?”
Child Trends said, “In 2013, seven percent of males ages 16 to 24 were high
school dropouts, compared with six percent of females.” Is high school really that hard?
We have heard that with organization, we can get good grades and still have time for
extracurricular activities. Do you think that it is possible for you, or anyone? We picked
our own classes. We know what is expected. Challenge accepted.