College Conundrum

Morgan Noble, Guest Writer

There comes a time in one’s young life that they must buckle down and prepare for their future. Everyone thinks that they have time for the things they have to do, but time has a limit. It is constantly running out and people don’t notice it passing by. They believe that they can put things off and complete them in the future. People believe in time, but time is something that nobody can control. It is crucial that we realize that it is never too early to start prepping for the future.

During a person’s last year of high school, they are faced with many choices and they have to make a lot of decisions. Some of these choices include deciding whether or not to go to college, where to go to college, if they should work or where they should work. These are choices that can influence the rest of someone’s life. So why then, are these life determining choices thrust upon them in their last year of high school. It is not long before they are sent out on their own, but what has been done to help prepare them for this?

The senior year of one’s high school experience is an exciting one and a terrifying one. They get to go to football games and dances while also having to fill out college applications. Applying for college is a daunting experience and is even more difficult when someone has no idea what they are doing. There are further steps to take as well, such as filling out scholarships applications and finding a place to live. In the public education system we learn the quadratic equation and what an atom is, but where do we learn how to get help preparing for college and our futures?

I am going to be a first generation college student, so I do not have parents to go to to ask what college is like and how to prepare myself for it. I feel like I am being thrown into a world that I know nothing about and others around me know nothing about. As I have entered my last year of public school I have begun to piece together bits of information that I am not all entirely sure what to do with. I feel overwhelmed and wish that I had learned of this before these impending deadlines were upon me.

Fortunately, there are a few resources to help. However, we do not learn about them until the time that we desperately need them. Would this information not be more helpful long before the deadlines are closely approaching? They have a College Day and a College Night to offer some information on college, but it comes so late. There should be a time the year before to help prepare the students for this. There should be more time and resources to prepare for the future. The schools should offer help long before senior year comes around. Because no matter how hard people try to put off the future it will come, and students need to be ready for it.

The first thing to change would be to stop just talking about college years before it comes, but actually do something engaging to educate the students. There is constant mention and warning of it, but it ends there. It is often said that the administration and teachers want their students to be successful. It is time to prove it. We have had enough talk and we demand a little action.

The schools can offer more details in presentations, online, or in the school offices. They can tell of these resources from the moment a student steps foot into high school. This can be beneficial to the students, the parents of the students, and the colleges that the future students will attend. When the students know more and have a greater understanding things will run smoother with college admissions and the college staff will have less things to worry about. This will also help the parents and students to be less stressed because they will be prepared.

The choices we make in life have the ability to have a lasting impact on the rest of our lives. It is important that we make good choices and to make good choices we should have all the information available and we should have it at a beneficial time. It is my hope that anyone who wants to is able to have a bright future, and that they have the resources to make that happen.