Turkey Traditions

Zion Smith and Emily Rodrigues

Turkey, stuffing, that cranberry Jell-O stuff, and warm feelings, these are the things that come to mind when most think of Thanksgiving. It’s a time for family and celebration, but the real fun is about how we do it. Traditions are the ways our families will celebrate and show our love for this classic holiday. Each family has a unique dynamic and way to express their love and generosity whether it be with food, football, music, or random acts of kindness. So, let’s make like a gravy boat and sail into the feast!

What is better than a good turkey dinner? Putting gravy on top! Thanksgiving is known for the fat turkeys and the greatest pumpkin pie, a long standing tradition that almost every American upholds each year. When someone has mashed potatoes good enough to be their new best friend, they are bound to smile and be grateful.  Knowing you spent the day well by putting on the apron you wear every year and making your famous pumpkin pie side by side with the family.  Kitchen time with the family is one of the most recognizable traditions of Thanksgiving to put a smile on our faces.

And for those guys who are such horrible chefs that they burn water: well we didn’t forget about them! They mostly play (or watch) football with the siblings, and reminisce. Your dad brings out the old pigskin and shows you how he used to play the game. Whether it’s a touch game in the backyard or at the nearest park, everyone gets into the game. But it’s not just about the football, it’s about what colors your jerseys are, who sits in what chair, which game do you have permanently recorded. Because some games should never leave the DVR.

Then there are our beloved music nerds who can’t start any tradition without a good melody. Whether it’s on a sound track, from your awesome Bluetooth speaker or the families freshly tuned guitar, music is the window to getting the warm fuzzy feelings this Thanksgiving. Whatever one album your family insists counts as “Thanksgiving music” rock it. Besides, nobody says no to karaoke. I know I have seen lots of you Miners belting out some notes on several fun occasions, so why not this one?

Some just give. Give a smile, a present or a pumpkin pie.  Just a random act of kindness is all it takes for someone to have a very happy holiday.  Knowing they did something without anything needed in return is all some people need to feel great. Some people make a turkey, just to take it to the homeless shelters just so they can enjoy all the smiles and love it brings.  So, get out there and do service.

Still, there are Thanksgiving traditions that every family has that are completely unique. So whatever makes your day a fun one, do it proudly. We can uphold the old and view the new when it comes to traditions. There is no limit to what we can start this Thanksgiving.