The Snow Flake Generation

Alexis Hansen, Staff Writer

As society changes and propels us forward, we’re becoming more and more like snowflakes. That being said, our thoughts and actions are getting to be more based on the “fact” that we are all special and one of a kind like. . . snowflakes. For us, we feel like nothing can touch us (maybe it’s MC Hammer telling us this but. . .) and by this I mean that we can’t have anything bad happen to our-one-of-a-kind-selves that isn’t success. We also can’t understand that not everyone likes us just like how not everyone likes snow. And don’t forget how protective and defensive us frail snowflakes can get. Not to sound really poetic, but narcissism is like a fresh snowfall and non-accomplishments have turned into snowball fights.

This is not to say that we’re going to melt at the end of the season, at least I hope not. We delicate snowflakes have been fueled with so much confidence because of the praise people give us at no expense. When you look at those self-esteem boosting handbooks at Barnes & Noble, they’re all about “You’re in control” and “Take charge of your life now” (because, obviously, you have the power to just will everything to go your way). As a result of this, we’re left having not done enough and yet still thinking that we’re the best.

Just like snowflakes, we are starting to all look the same. Standing outside in the snow all day can make your vision go all fuzzy. You’re seeing all these differences in the snowflakes falling, but later on it all becomes a blur as things start to mix together. We’re always being told, “Stand out with the latest trends in fashion,” when really, it’s a little contradictory to put “stand out” and “trends” in the same sentence. This is only due to the fact that when things are going in one general direction, there’s no diverging from the path or anything. We think there’s no way to stand out or be in opposition to that path.

Just like snowflakes, we are all frail and delicate. The world has become too politically correct. Now everything puts us on the defensive side when we’re put in situations that offend us. It almost seems like we’re taking things out of proportion and context. We want to feel like the victim when speaking of race, gender, and religion. There is no way for us to laugh at something if we dig too deep into the wrong ditch and say, “Oh, that’s racist.” Some might think that it’s sad to say, but I feel that black people can be really good at basketball and asians are able to do well in math. I don’t see the problem with saying things like that when it’s something so positive. And yeah, there are still those who are the exception to all of these generalizations but, there are always exceptions, my fellow snowflakes.

Just like snowflakes, not everyone likes us. During the winter season, you always see the kind of people who either love snow, don’t care about snow, or have a deep hatred for snow. This is kind of how people are. Generally, we think that everything we do will receive praise for whatever reason. Often times it could be that you got 100% on a math test and now you want everyone to cheer you on as if other people didn’t get the same score. This is a problem because when we graduate high school, we’ll be left living in the real world. We have to leave these ideologies behind. Not everyone is going to think we’re some perfectly unique snowflake like we think we are.

You may think that you’re “special” and “one of a kind” like a snowflake, but that kind of thinking is what’s going to be disastrous for you in the future. Your frailty will be the thing that destroys you. But hey, just know that we can be as awesome as snowflakes. We really can be as beautiful, as unique and as fun if we just not try so hard to be perfect. And remember, we are the Snowflake Generation.