Love Your Celebrity

Almost every American school has assemblies where they teach you about cyber bullying: how what you say can hurt someone’s feelings even through the Internet. However people don’t seem to see celebrities as human beings. When a fellow student makes a mistake, all you read about is how it is okay and people make mistakes because they are human, and even if you read some hate, it is always frowned upon by that person’s peers. Now with celebrities it is funny and harmless to talk trash about them, after all they aren’t really human, right? Well, what people fail to notice is that celebrities have feelings like everyone else and they read what people say about them; and it also hurts them, like it would hurt any other human.

Take for example the Miss Universe scandal. Steve Harvey’s simple mishap had this huge backlash; worst of all, no one seems to think it is wrong that people are saying so many awful things about him, almost like what he did was a capital sin. Does anyone have any regard for this man’s feelings? Why is it okay and funny to write such comments about a celebrity? Does it make it okay because he is famous? Does that mean he has no feelings and won’t mind?

Actress Anne Hathaway, spoke about cyberbullying in The Ellen Show. “If you don’t love yourself when someone else says horrible things to you, a part of you is always going to believe them.” It makes you re-think all those hateful comments you left on her Facebook and Twitter, because it makes you realize that actors, actresses, singers, dancers, youtubers, and the rest of us have something in common. We are all people that look at social media, have feelings, and take into account what others say. Just because someone is richer than you and more famous does not mean they won’t take to heart all the mean things said about them.

The point in all this is as follows: don’t be a cruel person, no matter who you are talking to, or about. Everyone has feelings, and making them feel bad won’t make you feel better; if anything, it will make you feel worst. Just don’t do it. Not in real life, and not on the Internet. Just be kind.