Mitchell Potter and Jessie Melton

Equal rights. Voting. College. Careers. Divorce. Abortion. Running for political office. Anti-rape laws. Owning property. Women have all of that, so what are feminists fighting for?

Many claim that in the workforce women make, on average $.77 to the dollar that men make and it has become more commonly referred to as the Wage Gap theory. Women as a whole population do make less than men, on average. According to Claudia Goldin, an economics professor at Harvard University, the gap is due mostly to choices men and women make in their careers and not discrimination. Choices on careers and hours worked. Steve Tobak, a CBS writer on Moneywatch paraphrased Marty Nemko, a career expert, “When women make the same career choices as men, they earn the same amount as men.” Wage Gap activists argue that women business owners make less than half that men business owners, Tobak rebuttled, “Women business owners make less than half of what male business owners make, which, since they have no boss, means it’s independent of discrimination.”

Another issue feminists bring up is “Pink Tax”, that they state discriminates against women. The claim is that women pay more for clothes, personal care products, and vehicle maintenance. The reason women pay more on average for clothes is because women’s and men’s clothes are significantly different, you can’t compare the two. Women’s clothes on average taking more effort and quality to make. Once again it’s a choice Women choose to make  Personal care products, for example razors, will cost more for a woman than for a man. According to John Dotson, a writer for the Mises Daily In the case of hygiene products, “it must be remembered that men and women have different standards of hygiene leading to very different demand curves.” Therefore the price differences in the products for women’s hygiene is due to the fact the the products are different so therefore it makes sense they will not cost the same. According to a report from Northwestern University, female drivers are often quoted higher prices for auto-repair than men .However this is due to the fact that men tend to be more interested in auto maintenance and therefore are more educated in that field. The study also showed that women who are more educated received similar price estimates as men who were educated in cars.

Women in America are exceptionally more advanced than women in other countries. Not to say that there are not problems in our country, because there are. But they are not as big or prevalent and many feminists claim. They may come from individual people, but they are not business or state sponsored. There is equality in America, and women have the same civil and equal rights as any man here. Women in other countries however are oppressed in more ways we can count. They are the true victims of the inequality that American feminists claim to be subject to.