An Open Letter to Girls

Konnor Woodburn, News Editor

Ladies, you are great people. The things that are a part of you: your kindness, your personalities, the things that make you who you are, are amazing. I want to talk about some things that you do that I really like, but also some points that really can confuse us guys. I’ll be completely honest with you. Even if we don’t show it very often, guys actually do appreciate girls and all the things that you do. We like to laugh with you, tell jokes and stories.

Your personalities are as varied as anything in the world, but for many of us, that’s just even more interesting. Bingham senior Aaron Tanuvasa said, “I like the personalities of them [girls].” Some of you are super outgoing and always talking and laughing. Some are more quiet and thoughtful. Others are something different entirely, but no matter what your personality is like, you still make the world more unique and interesting to be a part of.

On the other hand, some things you girls do are confusing to us. Most of the time, us guys can make sense of what you mean. But there are sometimes when you say things or act in a way that makes no sense to us at all. When you get upset without telling us why, or tell us that we’re wrong about something we didn’t know we did, we get upset and confused. I know that it isn’t always being done intentionally, but it really can get kind of awkward and frustrating for guys. I personally have had this happen to me and I know from experience that it is SOO confusing and kind of upsetting.

Now it’s time to open up another giant can of worms: dating. I promise that I’m not going to bash on dating. But let’s be honest, dating is overrated. Guys occasionally get pushed into relationships that they sometimes don’t even realize actually are relationships, whereas the girls that they are supposedly ‘dating’ think that they’re going steady. Also, according to the Child Trends website, “between 2013 and 1991, the number of seniors who went on more than one date per week dropped from 34% to 16%.”. This proves that we don’t place the same value on dating as there was in the past, and validates the point that we see dating as overrated.

Relationships between guys and girls can be extremely complicated. We don’t always see eye to eye on things, but we can still live successfully and not be surrounded by conflicts all the time. I think that we just need to communicate a little more openly with each other and that this letter is a good start.