The Art of Saying NO


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Emma Jones, Staff Writer & Social Media Manager

When it comes to dating, there must always be sacrifices. Whether it’s spending more money than you would like in a night or wearing uncomfortable formal wear, you have to compromise. Sometimes that compromise is less of an agreement and more of an expectation. This Valentine’s day, the question on everyone’s mind is “How do I say no?”

Here’s what some Miners have to say. Kallie Brown opts to give everyone a chance.“You should always give one pity date unless the person severely creeps you out,” she said. “After that, you don’t have to say yes to them anymore.” Others look optimistically on even the worst of dates. Chris Patterson, Bingham junior, said, “Go on a date for the experience, not always the person.” He believes there is always something good to learn from a date.

I think you should never be afraid or hesitant to say no, but you should also use kind judgment. Don’t say no just because they’re not your favorite person, or harmlessly weird, or you don’t want to, or you’re lazy etc. It takes a lot of courage to ask someone out and you should take into account their feelings when you give them your answer.

With that said, definitely, think of your feelings first feelings first. If you have a gut instinct that it’s not a good idea, listen to it. You don’t owe anyone anything. Your feelings are absolutely valid and should be taken into account.

Regardless of what attitude you have towards dating, there will always be a time when you need to say no. Carrer FAQs has some advice on how to say no that easily applies to dating. “Air Your Discomfort” – feel free to say you aren’t comfortable with the idea. It’s better to get it all out in the open than to make assumptions. “Don’t delay”- there’s no point in making someone wait for an answer is you know that your answer will be no. Procrastination is a terrible thing. Don’t say “I’ll think about it” if you won’t. “N-O Means No”- be assertive.

If you needed reassurance that it’s okay to turn someone down, here it is. You are the most important person in your life so you need to look out for yourself. Be brave and trust yourself.