Photo by surdumihail

#Metoo started in October of 2017 as a viral hashtag on Twitter for victims of sexual harassment to speak out. It was geared toward uncovering workplace harassment, especially for women. It swept the world and opened up the floodgates. Thousands of people stepped forward to share their story. Because of this movement, #timesup was created, demanding that the culprits take responsibility for their actions.

Sexual harassment is unfortunately all too prevalent today. We live in a world where our President constantly makes off-color jokes on the daily and misconduct is just considered ‘locker room talk’. As the next generation, it’s up to us to stop this plague in its tracks.

No one should ever feel used by another person. It is a feeling that should never be ignored by others because it can only escalate. A huge reason that sexual harassment has been silent until now is because of the lack of courage to say it how it is. The term carries a lot of weight in people’s minds, for good reason. It’s a big phrase to say. Taran Burke, the founder of the #metoo movement, says “For too long, survivors of sexual assault and harassment have been in the shadows. We have been afraid to speak up, to say ‘Me Too’ and seek accountability. For many, the consequences of doing so have been devastating.” However, there is no shame in saying those words. If we never take action, there will never be change.

Times Magazine named the ‘Silence Breakers’, those who started the #metoo movement, their Person of the Year. The movement has become nationally recognized and resulted in many dismissals, including Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer. These huge names can distance us from the problem. It feels as though this is something that affects big-time people, not small town predators. However, sexual harassment lies everywhere, even around you. It is up to you to confront the problem.

Stay safe Bingham. Every person has value that cannot be diminished by others’ actions. Don’t be afraid to say what is happening. There are people around you who understand and support you. No problem gets better without others listening. If we listen to each other, the world has a chance at changing into a better environment.