Moving Can Be Tough To Do


Photo by Riala

Maddy Reagan, Staff Writer

Leaving Bingham High School is never easy for anyone. This school is so amazing, and the atmosphere and school spirit are like none other. Seniors are leaving for college, some of our favorite teachers are turning to a new page in their life, and I’m moving.

No one tells you how hard it is to leave your life behind and start a new– nevermind, a lot of people tell you that. But, one cannot ever truly understand the pain and the difficulty of moving to a new state, until they experience it firsthand.

This may be obvious, but leaving your friends behind to move to another state is excruciating. In high school, you meet some of the most wonderful people in the entire world, and then to move away from them and then to be expected to find new friends that are just as great is pretty much impossible. It’s scary to move to an entirely different place. You develop this irrational fear that no one will like you and you won’t have any friends. Of course, this is entirely unreasonable. No matter where you go you’ll find new people that you love, but it’s really scary. suggests that you get involved. Get involved in your community, be friendly and outgoing to fun people to hang out with. Although this is far easier said than done, if you put yourself out there, the right people will find you along the way.

The physical act of moving is extremely time-consuming and boring. Besides how expensive home renovations can be, on top of that, you have to scour through all of your items just to find what you want to keep and what you want to purge. You never know how much junk you actually have until you try to fit all of your meaningful belongings in a cardboard box.

The house I reside in right now, I have lived in for 13 years; this is my childhood home. All of my memories have been created in that home. It’s going to be terribly painful to leave it and all of my memories behind, the room that I have lived in ever since I was four will be home to another child. I’m not sentimental with any of my belongings and I can willingly relinquish any objects, but with my home, it’s difficult to leave behind.

If there is anything harder than abandoning friends, it’s abandoning family members. I will leave behind all of my cousins, aunts uncles, and my grandma. Basically, everyone I’m related to lives here in Utah, including my older sister. She’ll be here, living at the University of Utah while my mom, my dad, my little sister and I will be in California. I’ll miss her so much. But, at this point in my life, moving is what’s best for my family.

Ms. Sampson, a counselor here at Bingham High School gave advice to me and to anyone who will be moving and she said: “Focus on the positives, there will be negatives but the positives will outweigh them. Think of the move more of an adventure.”

As they say, change is good. It may be extremely hard for us to change and move out of our daily routines and what we know yet sometimes change is for the best. It would be an understatement to say that I am going to miss Utah and Bingham because I’m going to miss it so much, but I know that this change will help me grow and develop as a person. It’ll be hard but this is what’s best at this moment. I have no idea what is in store for me in the future. All I know is that Bingham, I’ll miss you a lot.