Senior Trips


Photo by Pixabay

Aubrey Tanner, Opinion/Editorial Editor

Whether it’s traveling around the world or going somewhere more local senior trips are  popular at Bingham High School.

After graduation, it is not uncommon for seniors to take an amazing vacation in interesting, fun places.

It seems like many seniors go on these exhilarating trips. Lexi Sampson a senior at Bingham says “I’ve heard a lot of people are going on senior trips with their friends…. Just a small camping trip to a nearby reservoir … Another couple of people I know have gone big and gone out of the country for their trips.”

Senior year summer seems to be the best summer. You don’t have to worry about high school next year, and some seniors take some time off before going to college. Most people who graduate are 18 which gives them a little more freedom when traveling, making it, in some cases, easier than traveling earlier in the high school experience.

A huge part of senior trips are who you go with. For some people, just going with friends is the best way to get a good, and fun trip in. For others, just going with family on a trip is best for them, and some go with both. Sampson says “I am going to Disneyland for my senior trip with my immediate family and my boyfriend.”

When planning for senior trips, it’s important to be thorough, but always be open to change. Sampson says “We were initially going to just go to St. George, but we decided just to finish the drive since we’d be half way there, and plus my birthday is that week so it was a ‘why not, we have the money’ decision.”

Nick Ogden, a senior at Bingham says, “I’m going to Barcelona, Spain and Rome, Italy. I chose to go there because I want to see the ancient architecture like the coliseum.”

It’s important to look at all the opportunities when going on a senior trip. That way you make sure you have a fun trip that meets all of your expectations. Kahlan Davis, a Senior at Bingham says “I’m going to St. George to go skydiving with my parents and my uncle.”

Why do seniors go on these amazing trips? Some do it to unwind, some to get out of the house and others to get sweet Instagram and Snapchat bragging rights. Davis says “I’m going because high school is over, and I’ve suffered here for the better part of my teenage years so I deserve this..”

Senior trips are also a way to get a taste of the fun side of the world before you have to really grow up. Whether it’s going local or going big and out of the country for your senior trip, if you chose to go on one, you are going to hopefully going to have an amazing and refreshing time. For those of us who are not seniors yet, start planning and saving for your senior trip.