Romantic Christmas Stories; Our Holiday Heros


Photo by Kit Graham

Pull out your Hallmark Bingo and anyone can enjoy cheesy Christmas movies!

A steaming mug of hot cocoa, a bowl of buttery popcorn, and a happily ever after. It’s the holiday season, and an army of romantic Christmas movies stand at the ready to combat the 2020 blues. Whether from Hallmark Channel, Netflix, or Lifetime, you are promised predictable entertainment to get you in the Christmas spirit. No plot twists, no mayhem, and no tragedies; just holiday magic, romantic gestures, and happy endings. 

Now some may think, “Where’s the fun in that? If I know the ending, why should I care about the journey?” And to them, I say, let’s take a stroll back through the year 2020. [Cue wild 2020 montage.] No one could have predicted this year, so to kick back and watch a movie full of festive fluff may be just what the Bingham Miners, and the human race, needs. 

Bingham sophomore, Janet Best, who never misses a romantic Christmas movie, explained what she loves about these films, “Everything and everyone is pretty, and houses are always decorated. Christmas trees are perfectly shaped, everyone sings on key when they sing carols, and no one falls down ice skating.” 

While this level of perfection may not be attainable in our lives, romantic Christmas movies help people believe in the magic of Christmas. With love, hope, and holiday cheer, these movies help us believe we can overcome our trials and tribulations to live happily ever after. 

Even though romantic Christmas movies tend to repeat the same tropes, they make people happy because love prevails! This desire for a happy ending has shaped stories for centuries. From Cinderella and her Prince to Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, everybody likes to see the lovebirds succeed. 

“I love Hallmark Christmas movies because you know there is always going to be a happy ending,” said Bingham student Olivia Sorenson, “they focus on the important things about Christmas like family and love.”

If you are having a movie night with your friends, but they find romantic Christmas movies too repetitive, try Hallmark movie bingo! Romantic flour fight while making Christmas cookies? Mark it on the bingo! Kiss in the final scene while the snow falls? Bingo time! Did a successful career-minded lady just return to her hometown and miraculously bump into (and fall in love with) her childhood crush? You already know, mark that bingo square! Even the fiercest critics of cheesy Christmas flicks can have some fun with Hallmark bingo. 

While this holiday tradition may not be everyone’s cup of cocoa, most people love watching romantic Christmas movies. In a poll of 95 Bingham students, 68% of participants said they enjoy these festive films. Specific favorites include One Royal Holiday, Mistletoe Christmas, and Engaging Father Christmas. So, if you have some time on a cold winter night, give these movies a try! You never know, your heart may grow three sizes just like that old Grinch in Whoville.