Music Classes: The Best Classes to Take.

Bingham has lots of electives for students to take, but with all of the art, gym, business, and language classes, there can be an overwhelming amount of pressure to take as many of these classes as possible. But I think that out of all these classes there is one group that is the best: Music classes. I think that everyone should take music classes because of all the experiences that they offer. 

When thinking about music classes you may just think about the boring classes that you see in movies, but there is so much more out there. The songs you see in movies are nothing like what our Bingham music groups perform. For example, in the next concert, Acapella Choir is performing “Take on Me,” and “The Circle of Life,” as well as many others. I have always loved the songs that were picked out for the class. While I have only taken choir, there are many other types of music classes here. I know people who have taken everything from band to music theory. 

I talked to Abigail Wong, a senior, who has previously taken choir, and is currently taking orchestra and music theory classes. She said, “My favorite part of music classes is the experiences that we can have. Performances and other activities really create amazing memories for me.” 

Music classes are super enjoyable, I like to think of the festivals and concerts that I have gone to. It is always entertaining to be able to see the work that other groups have put into their music. At festivals you go to another school, there are judges that give you a score and feedback. These are some of the most gratifying moments. You have put so much effort into the pieces, and you are sharing it with the world.  Seeing the work that other schools have put into their songs, and having a good time with your own group, makes the experience worth it in the end.

Emily Bateman, senior, who has taken symphonic band and been in marching band during the summer, explained how she will remember music classes: “I will most definitely remember all of the music classes I have ever taken. Music opened my eyes to the world and allowed me to meet some of the most important people of my life. A lot of fond memories for me come from a band or choir room or even from a stage. Music unites, and everyone should be able to experience it.”

I love music classes, and my entire schedule revolves around them. I have taken choir every year, and I love it! Taking Ladies Choir, Acapella and Madrigals have been some of my most favorite classes through high school. I will always remember how fun it is when we get a new piece of music and start to learn it. And the feeling of excitement and thrill as I walked onto the stage to perform a song that I had spent months perfecting is something that I will never forget. And after spending so much time in the choir room, going to festivals and concerts were so rewarding, and fun. I will cherish the memories from the music classes here at Bingham.

If you are creative, musical, or like working with others, I would try a music class in the future. I have had so much fun while in these classes and have met some of the greatest people here. I think that it is an experience that everyone should have. The final concerts are coming up this month on May 12 (choir), May 13 (orchestra), and May 14 (band). Come see all the hard work that our Bingham students have into these concerts, and celebrate the student’s achievements and success.