Living in a Fishbowl, the Windows at Bingham


Photo by Syd Alexander

Looking into the library from the windows above

Bingham High was recently remodeled. They ended up putting walls of windows surrounding the library and classrooms upstairs. In a poll of 44 students, 59% of students say the windows are not helpful. There are a lot of reasons the windows are concerning. 

One of the issues that has concerned many Bingham students and teachers is the safety of the windows in the case of an active shooter. Mrs. Adams, a computer teacher whose classroom has these new windows, states, “This is difficult. Students can hide under desks. Otherwise it is safest to line up beside the window, out of view.” 

However, Adams actually likes the windows. She states, “I love the new windows because it opens up my room. I like natural light and I am in favor of keeping the windows.”

Maintenance is also an issue. These windows are huge and they are placed in every classroom on the second floor, including windows in the library. It will be extremely difficult to keep the windows in the library and classrooms clean. 

Lastly is the distractions. You can see every person that walks by. Some of them are your friends and you’re definitely going to stop what you’re doing to wave or make stupid faces at each other. Anika Bennett, a student here at Bingham, states, “They are distracting for both students and teachers. Other students purposely tap on the glass or make a scene.” We should add window covers like blinds or vinyl. During class teachers could decide to close the blinds during a test or an important assignment. During a lockdown you could close the blinds and hiding would be more effective. Adding something like this would dramatically help improve the issues with these windows.

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