Let’s Eat!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Pizza, burgers, tacos—heck, you can even eat at Bingham—but let’s face it: school lunch is getting pretty old.  Now that most of us can drive, we can go to lunch wherever we want, so I’m here to tell you where you can eat, which option is the best for your budget, and which students love the most.

Photo Credit: www.shutterstock.com Caption: There are many options that you can get at Costco’s food court.

First, you can pick good old Costco. This is the most popular among the lunch spots and honestly one of the tastiest. It’s also very easy to find: just up the street from Bingham. There you have around three food options you can get. The first and most popular item on the menu is pizza. Bingham Senior Cabe McFarlane says, “Their pizza is the best pizza for its price out there; you won’t find another one like it.”  Their pizza is one of a kind and is huge for its $2 price.  The next item—also a favorite—is the hot dog for $1.50.  Third, if you like hot pockets, you’ll love the chicken bake for $2.99. This one will fill you up with its cheesy chicken filling. They also offer ice cream and yogurt cups.

You might also wanna try out Café Rio.  Now, this option is a little more expensive, but its food is delicious.  They have a plethora of Mexican options, ranging from burritos to nachos.  If you are looking for a cheap option though, Cafe Rio has just the thing;    Ninos!  Ninos are small quesadillas that you can get for just 69 cents a piece, and if you want some flavor you can add a side of dressing. Cafe Rio also treats its guests with free mints, as many as you can carry.

Photo Credit: www.gettyimages Caption: Delicious mints at Cafe Rio!

Lastly, you can also fill your belly with McDonald’s.  This option is just down the street from Bingham—about a 5 minute walk—making it perfect for sophomores who can’t drive yet.  It has burgers, fries, and nuggets, all of which are favorites among young students.  They also have ice cream and slushies for those looking for a cold treat, as well as pies and cookies for those looking for a baked treat.  Former McDonald’s Employee and Senior Kelsen Blake says, “I used to eat it every day and that stuff is fire as frick.” So, if during this school year lunch comes around and your stomach is growling, grab a chicken bake, grab some free mints from Cafe Rio, or just go hungry.