Coffee Time!

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Everyone knows how tiring school can be and how hard it can be to wake up sometimes. There are many ways that can help you get through the day, such as energy drinks or a can of soda, but nothing as good as a nice cup of coffee. So I’m here to tell you the best coffee shops around Bingham and the best drinks you can buy.

First up on the list is the cheapest and most basic option: McDonald’s. This is a good option if you’re running late to class or work and need something quick, cheap, and easy. McDonald’s has many options from their infamous McCafe menu. Enjoy a delicious Iced Latte, Hot Cappuccino, or my personal favorite, Caramel Macchiato. Bingham student Kaylan Lee says, “Mcdonald’s is cheap and tastes pretty good to me.”

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Second option is the classic Starbucks. You’ve probably seen at least 10 people show up to class late with a frappuccino from Starbucks. Starbucks is definitely one of the most popular and best tasting coffee shops around. If you want a lot of options to choose from, Starbucks is your best option. Starbucks costs a little more, costing around 3 to 5 dollars per drink, but Senior Kelsen Blake says “It’s worth it. I’m always broke but I always have a little money for Starbucks.” If you’re looking for a coffee shop with lots of options and a little higher quality coffee, Starbucks is your best bet.

Last but not least, Dutch Bros. Dutch Bros is now more popular than ever; they just opened up new shops all around Utah and are growing fast. Dutch Bros coffee costs anywhere from 3 to 5 dollars or more. Although Dutch Bros doesn’t have as expensive and high quality ingredients, I can say their coffee is nothing but top tier and tastes great. Senior Luke Campbell says “Dutch Bros is my favorite. I go every morning.” So if you’re looking for a great coffee that’s reasonably priced, Dutch Bros is the place for you.

Say you have trouble waking up in the morning and need something to help you get through the day: get a coffee. There are many ways you can wake yourself up, but nothing as good as a nice cup of coffee, especially with the cold weather. Nothing’s better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee can save your life from the morning grumps!