Best Tips on How to Safely Drive in Winter

Photo Credit: Travelers. com 

Be safe driving with the slick roads.

Photo Credit: Travelers. com Be safe driving with the slick roads.

During the Winter season, roads can become very dangerous and slippery. One of the main obstacles is cars. This is because when the roads are slippery, people go sliding into each other. Making sure you have all your focus on the road is a big thing, distractions, like your phone or other people can increase your chance of crashing. Just being aware of your surroundings can help a lot as well.

When the Winter season comes, it’s very important to know what to do when driving.

There are many obstacles on the roads, cars being the main ones, and lots of accidents happen because people don’t know how to drive in the snow. You never know what’s going to happen when driving in these Winter conditions, so it’s good to be prepared and know your surroundings when driving.

Some main tips for keeping yourself safe on slippery roads are first, staying off the roads as much as you can. If you can stay home, stay home. Fewer accidents will be caused if there are fewer cars on the roads. Second, When starting to slide into an object, the first thing you can do is turn your wheel. You are more likely going to hit them either way, but if you are turned you won’t cause as much damage. Breaking and accelerating earlier and slower is a good thing so you don’t slide into objects or cars.

We have gotten a lot of snow here at Bingham High school, so I  interviewed Creed Tew to talk about the Winter season, and how comfortable he feels with driving in the snow.

I started by asking “What are some fun activities you like to do inside and outside?”

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Creed responded, “Watching movies, but when I have a chance to be outside I love to go skiing.” I next asked him “When it comes to driving in the snow, do you feel comfortable driving?” Creed responded, “I feel very comfortable driving in the snow, even though my car has a hard time driving, I know how to handle snow situations when they come.” The last questions I asked him were, “What is your favorite drink and your favorite meal to make when it’s cold outside?”. Creed said, “I like to just drink water, and sometimes orange juice, But, my favorite meal to make is pizza, especially when I come home from skiing or being outside.”

 Overall, There are many ways to drive in the snow and avoid getting in accidents, just being aware of your surroundings can keep you safe on the road.