Sports Not at Bingham

Photo by Google Images

Tyler Monson, Art Editor

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When playing on the trampoline, the game of choice is Crack the Egg.  For Olympians, the choice is a little less childish. Instead of trying to get a kid to let go of his legs, these Olympians are flipping and rolling in the air above the trampoline.  The trampoline event showcases high-flying gravity-defying mind-blowing stunts. When competing, the contestants are judged on their flight time, body control, difficulty and execution. According to “The highest and lowest marks (from the judges) are thrown out…execution is weighed more heavily than difficulty in the final score.”

It was first introduced to the Olympics in the 2000 Sydney games. This event has grown from its humble roots. According to the official Olympic website, “Devised in the 1930s at the University of Iowa, the first modern trampoline was initially used as a training tool for tumblers, astronauts and athletes. However, it grew in popularity to such an extent that in 1964 the first Trampoline World Championships were held at the Royal Albert Hall in London.” While this sport is not at Bingham, it’s mesmerizing and a memorable performance of acrobatics.

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