Basketball Game in Honor of Coach Treglown


Courtesy of Brady Haider

Emily Bawden, Editor-in-Chief

An Alumni Memorial Basketball Game is being held to honor Coach Treglown, a basketball coach at Elk Ridge Middle School, who was tragically killed while jogging to work in December. The game will be held on May 10th at 7:00 PM at Elk Ridge Middle School. To get tickets, sign up to play in the game, or for more information, go to

An Elk Ridge Alumni member asked the following quote to be included, “Elk Ridge Alumni Memorial Basketball Game for Coach Treglown. All are invited to come enjoy an organized Basketball Game in Coach Treglowns Memorial at Elk Ridge Middle School. Those that played for Coach Treglown during the 1990’s will be on one team (Old Team) and those that played for Coach Treglown during the 2000’s will be on the other team. (Young Team) Throughout the game and at halftime the alumni will be sharing memories of Coach Treglown. This event will help us as a community unite together to remember a great teacher,mentor, coach and great man in our community. Please share this event with friends and family and come support this great event. All are invited to attend even if you did not attend Elk Ridge. If you know someone who played Basketball on one of Coach Treglown’s teams please send this event to them so they can sign up and participate! Those that have registered for tickets will be eligible for prizes that will be handed out during the game like Cold Stone Gift Cards.  Attendance is free. All donations received will go to the Randy Treglown Memorial fund.”