Athlete of the Month: Pyper Thorn

Ty Soutas, Sports Editor

Pyper has been dancing since she was two. Dancing came to her just as naturally as it was for her to walk .

Pyper has been a member of the Drill Team all of her years at Bingham and currently is the president and captain of the Minerettes.

Pyper decided early in her youth to become a dancer. Her older sisters isnspired her to begin dance.

“ My whole life I’ve looked to them to be the dancer and person I am today,” she said.

Fairly recently, Pyper spent some time in the hospital for some stomach pain she was having. The doctors never figured out what was really wrong with her, but she says it was one of her biggest trials that she has overcome.

“The hard part wasn’t even being in the hospital. The hardest part was being at home not being able to dance with my team like I wanted to.”

After high school, she hopes to go to BYU and be a member of the Cougarettes.

With all of the business that comes with being a Minerette, Pyper keeps her grades high in school. She is a Sterling Scholar finalist for Dance.

“Pyper goes hard,” Kayla Larson said.