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Las Vegas Has Really Gotten Into Sports this Year!


If you haven’t noticed, Las Vegas has recently been making a name for itself in the sporting world. As of now, they’re set to be the hosting location for two of the nation’s most well-known sports of all time.

As you may have known, Formula 1 had raced in downtown Las Vegas Grand Pre through the heart of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip. The other sport Vegas will host is the 2024 Super Bowl, which will be played in the Allegiant Stadium. What makes these event so special? Let’s get right into it.


F1 Racing Meets Vegas

Let’s start with F1; If you Haven’t seen the race, it was quite intense especially with the track having tons of tight turns and a few straight long hall sections (which typically isn’t seen in F1). For stats, the 1st place winner is Max Verstappen from the Netherlands, 2nd is Charles Leclerc from Indonesia, 3rd is Sergio Pérez from Mexico and for the United States, we placed 16th with Logan Sargeant. Hopefully, by now you’re thinking the same question I have , which was how might the logistics of F1 come about for racing in Las Vegas, and no it’s not just a roadblock. Let’s start from the ground up!

The local Paving Company Las Vegas Paving has been prepping the track for months before F1 would arrive paving the road in four different layers of asphalt. The first and second layers are there to ensure the road is strong. The third layer is for leveling to make the track nice and even and the fourth level is designed for the F1 tires to grip the road for traveling at high speeds, the only 30-35mm ground clearance of the cars and taking those sharp corners without slipping. With the race all over they say that they’ll keep the road up for a little bit longer and then who knows what will happen with it. But that’s not the only thing done to prepare for such an event if you know F1 you will know that they always build a facility for all the team’s garages. The garages built in Vegas are the biggest garages that the F1 teams would see all year And F1 included three more levels above the garages for high-paying ticket spectators. What’s upstairs is no joke F1 has had designers model out the entire upstairs area to be outstandingly luxurious. Floors 2 and 3 of the building will be Paddock Club spaces, the highest-end spectator’s zones on the Las Vegas Grand Prix track with the most extreme high-end hospitality experience by Wynn and Encore. Each level will have built-in kitchen spaces where various chefs and catering companies can set up their cooking areas. With all three balconies hovering above the garages a ticket to get yourself up there would cost you upwards of $10,000 per person!

The Paddock is no small facility of 300,000 square feet to put that in perspective it would be the size of three American football fields. However, if you look at the buildings surrounding the paddock such as the bleachers and some of the Red Bull brand buildings all of those are temporary and will be removed in the future, as for the Paddock that’s to stay as a landmark of F1. For some Paddock was not their only way of viewing the race there were other ways and places that people got to watch the F1 race. Some even tried to see it for free by peering over a wall or a bridge but F1 already thought about that and put up walls and other things to block the view for other people to see. In fact, I noticed an article myself titled F1 fans rip fabric on chain link fence to see the race on some screens. F1 seemed to be a little notorious about putting up blockades of The View to the point where they went after the hotels along the track and demanded them to pay them an amount of money or else they would put up barriers blocking that hotel’s room from seeing the race. this however didn’t happen because of the large amount of backlash that resulted from it. I don’t blame them for thinking of this because the hotels could generate a massive profit off of F1 fans watching the race from their hotel room.

Vegas and the Super Bowl

With Super Bowl 58 coming up this next year 2024 seems to be as hyped as always and it’s all happening in the Allegiant Stadium. Super Bowl 58 halftime performer will be Usher a Grammy-winning artist Performing eight of his most well-known songs. If you don’t quite recognize the name I could bet you anything you could recognize his music. But you got to give it to Las Vegas this year cuz they have supported so many really big events with F1 coming to town and with the NFL especially. Surprisingly this is the first time that Vegas will host the Super Bowl in their city and Las Vegas is the first city in history that have the Super Bowl the Pro Bowl and the NFL draft all awarded to them at the same time even though they are going to happen in different increments of the calendar. 

In conclusion, It’s fascinating to see Vegas take on so much so quickly this year and the next If it were me I’d give them the City of the Year award. And don’t forget about the people who live there dealing with all the construction and detours with these events has really changed things up for them but I’m sure they’re proud.

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