Ana Ramos

Shack is a forthright, incredibly intelligent and honest teacher; and a very maternal, caring, hardworking woman, said Ms. Bridge, one of our history teachers here at Bingham that has known Mrs. Shackelford for six years. Ms. Bridge suggests that people talk about politics and restaurants with Shack, because after all she is “a food enthusiast” and “Supreme Court obsessed.” Shack went into extreme details when asked about her favorite restaurants, and even gave our reporter a great list of places to try. If anyone is interested in obtaining that list, just ask Mrs. Shackelford for a copy.

Shackelford is an extraordinary teacher and person. She won 9 State Championships for Bingham debate, and she’s taught at Bingham for ten years. Shack doesn’t coach debate anymore, but she’s more than ready to help any debater that’s struggling; she’d also like to remind all that debate and AP classes teach us perseverance and how to fail, skills that are very valuable in college (and life). She was forced by her mother to take debate, and it changed her life; she met her husband in a debate tournament and he was the reason she moved to Utah.

“She’s a very intelligent person, she knows what she’s talking about […] and she spends her spare time helping us even though she doesn’t have to,” said Purin Chankiendee, a senior debater, when asked about Mrs. Shack. He also said that she has been helping coach some debaters without monetary gain almost every day after school. “A lot of people think that she’s scary to talk to, but she isn’t really. She has that vibe about her but she’s a fun person once you get to know her.” Shack has said that she needs time to open up to people and that she may seem shut off when really she just wants to see if others are interested in knowing her before she allows that to happen.

Mr. Warren, one of Bingham’s new debate coaches and a math teacher, was a student of hers and said Mrs. Shack is one of the most competent coaches that Utah’s ever had; her family is very much involved in debate, she’s still is involved in debate tournaments and has a huge influence in the debate community, even though Shack doesn’t coach debate anymore. “She is successful because she knows what she wants and then she just does it. She’s always looking out for someone’s best interest […] she makes sure you’ll succeed. In debate, there are literally hundreds of people whose lives are 100% better because she was their coach and she made them who they are today… There are people at Harvard Law School almost exclusively because of her.”