2019 is Ariana Grande’s Year

Viri Alfonso, Staff Writer/Copy Editor

She’s beauty. She’s grace. She will sing about how much richer she is in your face.

Ariana Grande is not messing around this year, with the first release being “7 Rings”. She dropped it January 17, and the internet broke. She hit 200,000 views the first minute, and started trending on twitter moments after. But is this impressive or is it expected? Ariana Grande has taken to breaking records like people taking naps—often, if not regularly.

Ariana Grande is gaining momentum as time goes by. She is easily one of the most popular female artists to date. Everyone knows her, and many love her. So many love her, in fact, her upcoming Sweetener tour is a World tour, and it’s selling fast.

Devika Prasanth, a junior, says, “I love Ariana because she has a unique voice and can effortlessly make any song better.” Ariana leaves impact not only with her lyrics, but with her voice too. She is known to do impressions of other celebrities on SNL or The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Her live singing is another story. She reaches notes other people can only get to by playing the piano. She loves all the aspects of performing, according to her interview with Billboard. Since she was eight, she was singing and complimented for her sweet voice. To this day, her voice remains sweet, no matter what she sings about.

Whether it’s about buying friendship rings for her friends, God being a woman, or daydreaming, she has a song for you. Most of her songs are extremely pop-y, with the exception of some R&B tracks and ballads. Her voice is soothing either way. She has a recognizable voice; it’s sweet, high, and strong. Stan Ariana Grande or not, I recommend you give “7 Rings” a listen, and with any luck, I may be seeing you at her concert this July.