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Best Gifts to Give Yourself This Season

Seven different gifts for yourself this season.
Jaida DeMill, Sports Editor December 16, 2020

It’s the season of giving, decorating, and celebrating! December can get pretty busy with all of the holiday activities. The holiday season is a time to feel happy, but you shouldn’t force yourself...

One Date to Rule Them All

 A bowling ball destroying pins with a little help from the skittles.
Cale Montoya, Staff Writer November 23, 2020

Cue the music! *Careless Whisper by Goerge Michael plays in the background* It’s time for a little dating advice from your friendly neighborhood love doctor.  Ever ask someone on a date but have...

The Power of Mindset

Make the choice to have a positive mindset and it will brighten your life.
Jaida DeMill, Sports Editor October 27, 2020

School, covid, quarantine, and deadlines have all made life crazy. From barely missing an “A” to running out of time for homework, things tend to build up. Everything just seems to be going wrong right...

Utah’s Hidden Treasures: The Secrets of the Great Salt Lake

View of Antelope Island surrounded by pink water
Hannah Blankman and Ella Milakovic October 27, 2020

Everyone knows the Great Salt Lake. It’s the central feature of our state and the namesake of our capital city. You can even see it’s vibrant blue water from space. But what you don’t see is the...

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