The Cookie Conspiracy: Round Two

The Cookie Conspiracy: Round Two

Well, this last issue is upon us, and for one of my last odes to Bingham High School and The Prospector, I decided to bring it full circle. How, you may ask? Well, a few ways. Firstly, full circle in the sense that I am returning to my old habits of procrastination, because nothing screams “Spring Season” like the all-nighters you pull the very last nights before the end of term. Secondly, full circle in the sense that I decided to return to one of the very first ideas I had in writing my first article for The Prospector. 

What better way to close off my short-lived amateur career at The Prospector than to revisit what opened it? Here we are, back at the second and final round of the cookie face off between two of the most popular sweet-treat companies in Utah: Chip and Crave. Let’s attempt to settle this for real this time.

This go around, we’ll be comparing some of the seasonal flavors that the two are offering. Let’s meet the contenders.

The Contenders:

Chip Cookie: 

  • biscoff chip: biscoff cookies, white chocolate chip, cookie butter

Crave Cookie:

  • chilled biscoff oreo: biscoff cream frosting, oreo crumble, cookie butter drizzle

Before we pit the two against each other, I’d like to give you the lowdown on each of these cookies. Some seasonal cookies are better than others, but all together, I was pleasantly surprised with this week’s pickings.

Chip’s Biscoff Cookie is a spinoff from their famous chocolate chip recipe. With a soft and creamy filling with cookie butter, this is arguably one of my favorites from their brand. They nail that base recipe every time: hearty cookie, soft texture, melt-in-your-mouth taste with a firm flavor. The cookie butter adds a really nice contrasting experience, with a short and hard salty bit, followed by that familiar soft and sweet flavor.

Unfortunately to achieve that hearty, full look of the monstrous cookie, the texture suffers a bit. Each bite felt a bit overwhelming, in terms of that slightly dry base that seems to coat your tongue. In this cookie, the experience felt short-handed. Other than those additional flavors, what exactly distinguishes this cookie from its original father, the Chocolate Chip? I would argue not much and not enough. To be quite honest, this cookie left me feeling bored.

Crave’s Chilled Biscoff Oreo cookie is both different in base layers and textures. Although a similar chocolate chip base, the recipe is both a more soft and moist texture that leaves you feeling satisfied without having to brush the dry crumbles off of the corners of your mouth.  Crave’s decision to add a thick layer of a soft, cream frosting evenly balances out that bit of dryness that typically accompanies any and all chocolate chip cookies. Additionally, the oreo crumbles and the drizzle of cookie butter doesn’t necessarily take away from the cookie, but add to it. As an averagely stingy gourmet cookie consumer myself, I’m happy to say that Crave understands the audience’s demands: an enhanced classic cookie recipe with a few extra additives to add to the experience, not take away from.

In conclusion, I’d have to say that I’d hold Crave’s hand high in that last moment in the ring with Chip. This isn’t to say that Chip is bad, by no means. They’re a classic company, one of the first to pioneer this catchy idea of the gourmet home-cooked Chocolate Chip cookie, but it seems that some companies with a fresher time on the market have some better ideas to better achieve that goal.

In the case of some mass, world apocalypse, I can understand an argument for the pick of each cookie. I can only imagine that Chip’s biscoff cookie would better protect me in a shootout in the middle of the road because, aside from the fact that this cookie is literally so big (like honestly, there are subtler ways to attempt to increase the American obesity epidemic) and would provide what I would hope to be a hearty shield, this cookie would do a fabulous job on the offensive side. I could only imagine that a cookie with this much sheer mass and density could do some serious damage at throwing speeds (obviously thrown by someone other than me because the last time I threw a basketball in sixth grade, it bounced off the rim and ricocheted directly into my face).

HOWEVER, in the case that the next world mass apocalypse holds opportunity for diplomacy skills, I would offer the Crave cookie to our enemies in arms. 

So, if you take anything away from this article, know that although the size of the Chip cookie is misleading, because, bigger does not always mean better.