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Monthly Horoscope: December 2023
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You often make yourself sad. You’re constantly looking for love but can’t move on. You’re stuck in a loop. Find someone new.



You have a vivid imagination and you often overthink things. Your ego is too big for you to handle and everyone notices. Tone it down and realize you aren’t as important as you think you are. Being humble is good.



You are a born leader, so you think. You “lead” and others watch in amazement as you somehow get lost in seemingly simple tasks. People praise you for your leadership skills just because they feel bad for you. But don’t worry. Be happy.



You are quick to think of a solution in a difficult situation. Even though the solution is terrible, you convince others to follow. This often leads to a worse situation. In other words, you were at rock bottom and started digging.



You are a lion in a world of sheep. You are tough and don’t follow others. You are independent. Your whole life is a paradox. You are “tough” and stand out but not for the right reasons. You are an independent lion, an animal that hunts in a pack. Find your pack.



You’re a logical thinker. You don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. You are a self-proclaimed “brutally honest” person. You think you’re nice but you’re so “honest” that you’re actually not that nice. Everyone tries to avoid a conversation with you to preserve their self-confidence.



You’re an artistic person. You have a very good eye for color and shapes. You think highly of yourself. You have your feelings hurt constantly. You can’t stand not having your art on your fridge for your parents to admire.



You are a true scientific thinker. You are interested in dozens of different things. You are truly going places. That place probably isn’t far, but you’re going.



You are afraid to take risks. Nothing can hurt you… except for people’s words because you’re insecure.



You are obsessed with trying to look cool. You carefully curate your Instagram photos to appear rich. You hope someone will notice and comment on how rich you are but it never happens.



You think you know better than everyone else. This leads to people not wanting anything to do with you but they still talk to you because they don’t want to be mean.



You’re optimistic that everything will work out. You sit back and don’t do anything with your life and hope your future self will fix everything.

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