Monthly Horoscope: January 2023


Photo by Antonio Gravante

Orloj astronomical clock in Prague in Czech Republic.

Aries: January is the beginning of the new year, and with it, you can expect new trials and challenges in your life. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! Take regular breaks, and you can expect a bit of good luck to come your way.

Taurus: With the new year comes new friends! This month, expect a lot of popularity. You may find a lot of people talking to you, but don’t forget the people you know you can rely on! Choose your friends carefully, because they will be the ones to get you through the tough times.

Gemini: Welcome to 2023! You’re just bursting to try new things, but you need to focus on the people in your life right now. If you ignore the people you love you may find bonds breaking and patience thinning. Make sure to nurture your relationships and have fun trying things together!

Cancer: It’s the new year, but you don’t feel any different. It may be hard to find the motivation to do things, but you can do it! Take things one step at a time and put yourself out there. You never know how it can benefit you in the long run. But be cautious—if you let your apathy get the best of you, bad fortune will come to haunt you…

Leo: Sometimes life can feel like an endless cycle—you wake up, go to school, and fall asleep. January is your opportunity to change that. Stop running the endless treadmill of life and try something new! You’ll quickly find that life gains a lot more meaning. Just make sure some elements of your life stay the same—you don’t want it to erupt into chaos.

Virgo: This month will come with grief and pain. When you struggle, make sure to lean back on the people who love you. Most of all, don’t forget to take care of yourself. This month will be hard, but stay on your feet, and you may be surprised by an unexpected relationship near the end.

Libra: Many things will try your patience this month. You may frequently feel angry, so find ways to channel that into your goals. It’s a new year, so discover new ways to relax yourself! The present may bug you but the future is up to you!

Scorpio: This year has brought you a lot of anxiety about the big new events in your life. You need to take a deep breath and look at the positives. Your trials will bring you great joy in the end if you hold on and don’t run away. You can do this!

Sagittarius: This is the time to slow down and relax! You’ve worked hard last year and you deserve a break. Spend more time doing what you love, and you may find that some of your problems resolve themselves. Be careful not to slack off too much, or you may get stuck in unhealthy habits.

Capricorn: It’s the new year, so now it’s time to make some new resolutions! You may be surprised to see how prosperous your goals will be! However, make sure you keep them up, or you may find some trouble heading your way.

Aquarius: January is the time to explore! Try new foods, new hobbies, and new music. There is no limit to the possibilities! But be careful—focusing too much on exploring may get in the way of your relationships. Make sure to balance your life.

Pisces: Everyone’s raving about the new year but you find yourself worried. You’re afraid of change, but you need to get out of your comfort zone. Change can be scary but it’s part of life! You need to lean on the people you love as you try to push yourself. This month could hold great things for you if you play your cards right.