Josh Rothey Becomes Honorary SBO


Josh Rothey was recently made  Bingham High School’s Honorary SBO! He is Mr. Awesome. You may have seen him around campus sporting his new SBO jacket (usually surrounded by the ladies). I think that we can all agree that Josh Rothey is a natural  leader, and that  his leadership has led Bingham to become  a more unified and overall awesome school. His teachers agree that his position is well earned and well deserved.     Since he became an SBO he has ‘become more obedient, more of a leader, a good example, and more kind’ Mr. Jared Denslow said. He  is a very  mature and an outstanding person. He loves everyone that he comes in contact with and automatically treats him or her as an equal and as a dear friend as if he has known them forever. When Josh was talked to about his new position he said that he is very excited to be representing the students at Bingham High School  this year as an SBO. When Josh was asked why he wanted to be an SBO, he answered, ‘Because it change[d] my life’, and when he was asked  what he likes about being anSBO, he commented that he likes making a lot of new friends. His favorite thing about Bingham is ,of course, the girls. He wants everyone to know who he is so that he can be friends with everyone. So when you see Josh walking down the hall make sure to stop and introduce yourself to him because he is very excited to see and meet everyone! And maybe if you’re lucky, and a girl, you can be one of Josh’s supposed three thousand girlfriends! Between his girls and his bros, Josh is rockin out his senior year here at Bingham High School! Everyone loves Josh because he is so sweet and nice. Mr. Jared Denslow commented, “Josh Rothey is the Man, I wish I could be half the man that he is.”  We are all so excited to have Josh be a bigger part of Bingham this year! Josh Rothey is going to be an amazing SBO! Josh Rothey is more than an SBO, he is an example of what we all should be;  strong, kind, and a fearless leader. Josh Rothey, Mr. Awesome, you’re going to do great!