SBO Get to Know: 2015-2016

SBO get to know:

The Bingham Prospector recently interviewed our SBOs asking them questions to help all the students here at Bingham get to know the leaders of our school a little better. Whether it’s learning how they want to leave their mark on Bingham, or who they would be if they were a Disney princess, there’s a lot to be learned about our SBOs.


Brigham Jewkes (SBO President)-

When asked,“What are your goals for Bingham?” Brigham said, “To create a culture of personal excellence and widespread unity. Basically I just want people to be glad to be here.” The nerdiest thing he does in his free time, “I have a dungeons and dragons character but i haven’t really played yet… and I’m big into roller skating… but I’m not too nerdy I’m more of a goon than a nerd.” Jewkes said. If he could be any Disney princess he would be Mulan because she’s as close to a dude as it gets. When asked how long does it take you to do your hair in the morning, Brigham said, “Average time of one minute… but my record is 0 seconds flat.” Brigham said he misses recess the most from his childhood. His favorite holiday without a question is Christmas, and if he had to give up one of his senses he would give up his sense of smell because, “Usually the only time you use it is when something smells awful.” Lastly, Brigham wants everyone at Bingham to be recognized individually for the awesome things they each do.

Andrew Boud (SBO of Service)-

Andrew Boud’s goals for Bingham include: service, service and more service. The nerdiest thing he does in his free time is read about Einstein’s theory of relativity. If he could be a Disney princess he would be Merida. He also said it takes him a few hours to do his hair in the morning, “Give or take three hours.” When asked what he misses most about being a little kid he said, “The comfort of the womb” His favorite holiday is Arbor day and if he had to give up one of his senses he said he would give up his, “Sense of humor, because I never had it in the first place.”

Brock Dillon (SBO of History)-

“My goal is to make this the best year possible and hopefully try to involve the whole student body into everything we do,” said Brock. If he could be any Disney princess, he would be Jasmine. “She’s the hottest, let’s be honest we’re all thinking it,” he said. If Brock had to give up one of his five senses, he would give up sight so that he would not have to judge people by sight. His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because his birthday is on Thanksgiving this year so it is a “double-whammy”! And the thing he misses most about being a little kid is nap time. Brock is super excited and honored to be the SBO of History this year and he is looking forward to all the fun that is in store for Bingham.

Dallin Bentley (SBO of Assemblies)-

“I want to bring everyone together so everyone can love each other and have a great year,” said Dallin when asked what his goals were for Bingham this year. If he could be any Disney princess, he would be Sleeping Beauty, because he said he looks beautiful when he sleeps. If Dallin had to give up one of his senses he would give up smell. Dallin’s favorite holiday is Christmas, because he likes getting presents. And the thing he misses most about being a little kid is being able to get away with anything. Dallin loves Bingham and he wants everyone at Bingham to “feel the love”!

Clara Wahlquist (SBO of Activities)-

Clara has huge goals for Bingham. She wants to get every Bingham student to reach their full potential and have a high school experience worth remembering. She loves being an SBO because she is able to meet so many people she wouldn’t have otherwise. If she could be any Disney princess, she would be Ariel because she always wanted to when she was a child. She loved her childhood because she could take two-hour naps a day, and she misses that. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up as a child, she said, “The SBO of activities!” If she was so unfortunate as to lose one of her senses she would choose eyesight so she “can’t see the haters,” although we’re pretty sure she doesn’t have any.

Madi Yraguen (SBO of Spirit)-

Madi wants everyone to be united and friends here at Bingham. She wants everyone to love each other. If she was a Disney princess, she would be the Little Mermaid. When asked how good her whip is on a scale of 1-10, she said, “I literally suck. Probably like a zero.” She misses having no responsibility as a child as well as playing with Bratz dolls and Polly Pockets. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. If she had to lose one of her senses, she would choose taste even though she love tasting things, because everything would taste the same so it would be easier to be healthy.

Emerson Ford (SBO of Tech)

        He’s the man behind the TVs in the lunchroom and the classy-looking videos for homecoming and the beginning-of-year SBO videos. Despite this, only a few people knew who the new tech SBO was going to be until the end-of-year assembly.

Harrison – er, Emerson – Ford has an appointed – rather than an elected – position, and this has definitely influenced his goals and how he thinks about his job. When asked about what his goals for this year are, he said, “Make all the other SBOs look good through technology, and make it really, really hard for any of the other tech SBOs to come after me to be able to do their job better than me.”

This year, Emerson has made the beginning-of-year video, featuring the very sexy SBO President Brigham Jewkes riding a horse, and he was more recently in charge of creating a video for the week of Homecoming.

Chandler Ward (SBO of Public Relations)

If he could be any Disney princess, he would choose Sleeping Beauty. He’s really good at Star Wars: Battlefront and excited for the new game coming out this November. He has arguably some of the best hair of any guy in the school. Have you guessed who we’re talking about yet?

If you guessed Chandler Ward, our SBO of Public Relations, you would be correct. Chandler, as SBO of student relations, is generally involved with getting Bingham out into the public sphere, letting people know about our school. With this, he was heavily involved in Hello Week and the 40th Anniversary celebration.

Like all the SBOs, we asked Chandler what his goal for this year at Bingham was, and his was the shortest of all the replies. He said, “Step out.”