Seven Reasons Why The Musical Is Worth It

Ana Ramos, Online Editors

Chances are you heard about it in the halls or with your friends the newest school musical- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  With western songs and beautiful dancing it is a show you do not want to miss. It runs November 20th, 21st, 23rd, 24th.  By the end of rehearsals it is estimated the cast will have worked for at least two hundred hours in order to provide us with this show.

  • Expectations

One of the directors, Ms. Liz Smith, said that she has directed at least one play every year she has thought, and she has been teaching for thirteen years.  This is her second time directing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and it is dear to her heart, being one of the first musicals she ever watched and one of the reasons she started loving musicals so much.  Her expectations are always high when it comes to her cast’s performance, but she said that her cast always exceeds her expectations by the time they are done with the shows and she is not worried about it.

  • Hard working Actors/Actresses

Some of the “brides” and “brothers” were questioned about how the tight schedule affects their daily lives.  For some, like Dylan Burningham, who plays the brother Frank, the rehearsals do not affect his grades at all, he still has a great social life, and although he gets a bit less sleep then he used to, he said it is worth it.  Others, like Sabrina Dalanhese, who plays Dorcas, don’t have the same luck; she goes to rehearsals, then afterwards dance, and only arrives home at ten.  That is when she starts doing homework and ends up going to sleep very late.

  • Songs

Every musical is as good as their songs, or so many people say.  This musical brings western style songs that will for sure astound the audience, showcasing Altos and Sopranos’ talents alike. Look for Adam’s Bless Her Beautiful Hide and Milly’s Wonderful Day, two of the most iconic songs in this play.

  • Choreography and Stage Fighting

In this musical there are many dances and fights all throughout.  Boys and girls will both love it; the fights seem so real you will wonder if they really got hurt, and girls will swoon when the brothers and the men of the town have a dance battle to see who wins the hearts of the lovely ladies.  It really is the best of both worlds!

  • Sets

The Theater department always delivers on the most beautiful and believable sets imaginable for High School performances.  With all the hours they worked on them to make the story come alive, nothing helps more than the sets build by our own wonderful Bingham High students.

  • Lead Actors and Actresses

This story portrays the life of Milly (Sydney Peebler) as she leaves her town to marry a mountain man named Adam (Jared Tobler).  What Milly doesn’t know is that she is not only going to care for her new husband, but also his six younger brothers.  These actors made their characters so believable that unless you know them well in real life, you will think they are exactly like they show on stage.  Keep a look out for Frank and Gideon, who will bring many surprises throughout the show that will make you love the brothers even more.

  • Comedy Factor

For those of you who have watched the movie before, some of these will already be known to you; however, our directors have set their own little finishing touches and so have the actors, things that will have the whole auditorium bursting into laughter.  This play is brought to life by the actors’ choices, and you can bet that these guys know how to make people smile!