Syrian Immigration

Jessie Melton, Staff Writter

As tensions between rebels and the Syrian government continue to rise millions of Syrian immigrants fled to Europe and the various states in the U.S. Europe, specifically Germany, has received the majority of refugees and have been struggling to accommodate the influx of people camped just inside their borders.

Over the weekend, 24,000 immigrants crossed the border into Germany, Sweden, Greece, Italy, France, and the U.K. Financially these countries are left with the question on how they will be able support them. The EU nations plan on meeting to solve how they will divide the responsibility. Germany expects to reach between 800,000 to 1 million immigrants by the end of the year. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “There cannot and will not be a solution overnight.” The biggest problem is that some countries refuse to accept any of the refugees while others have accepted way more than they can handle. The Obama Administration also has been making plans to be able to accept 100,000 of these immigrants, though this has become controversial. Many are afraid that if we open the borders to the refugees we accept the risk of allowing terrorism into the U.S. This is a legitimate concern, but chief officials assure the American people that it is not as likely as some think. The question now is doing our best to help people who are in dire need of it. In opposition to Ted Cruz’s recent statement that Obama’s plan is “crazy” and invites terrorism into the U.S. One of Cruz’s fellow republicans, who has not been named, said directly in opposition to Cruz’s recent statements on the issue, “Isn’t it part of our nature as Americans to say, ‘How can we help people in need?’”.

Europe has limited resources, but the U.S has pledged $419 million dollars in humanitarian aid to the European countries in paying for the refugees camped on their border. Some believe that it is the U.S responsibility and basic human responsibility to open our borders to help the refugees, while other argue that this is dangerous to American domestic security. An answer needs to be come up with fast while the world struggles for a solution while the numbers of immigrants only increases.