The Path of Discovering Water on Mars

Kameron Nuttall, Historian

Ever since water was discovered on Mars this past summer, there has been a huge surge on the subject. Even Google made a little ‘Google Doodle’ for the matter. It’s a big deal. According to the article “IAC 2015 Concludes with Latest News on Water on Mars” released from Israel Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, that not only have scientists found water but the International Astronautical Congress 2015 in Jerusalem have said that it may look extremely dry and deserted but actually it’s full of activity and it has liquid brine below the surface. At times, it erupts. Scientists also know that the water on Mars came from a number of sources and that the water is from 13 billion years ago. Researchers also say that there could have been rivers and oceans in the past and since Mars is smaller and has a thinner atmosphere than Earth, the water has evaporated and is floating out in space somewhere. Also scientist have taken seven months out of their time to see that there may be even more water under the surface of Mars, but the water is also most likely frozen. There could also be life living beneath the deserted planet and IAC are planning to send a rover to the planet soon and are making sure they won’t bring life to Mars, but bring life from Mars.

It has taken more than 15 years for researchers to find flowing water on Mars; the water doesn’t seem to look like actual water because it appears as dark streaks which is the reason why scientist didn’t spot it the last 15 years. Not only that, scientist, “required the appearance of strange layered craters to confirm” says the article ‘Water on Mars: Exploration & Evidence’ by Nola Taylor Redd.

The salty water on Mars can be seen on a certain slope that is steep and is also warm in temperature which is the reason why the water was able to survive there; the water was most likely frozen but has thawed thanks to the warm temperature of the slope.The reason why we didn’t discover the water earlier in the year is because yearly, much like Earth, Mars becomes warm and the ice caps that can be found both on North and South poles of Mars and instantly evaporates.

Now because of evidence in the past that we discovered thanks to multiple rovers, NASA plans to send a rover to Mars to see if there could be any possible evidence to an oasis existing on the dry deserted planet.

The reason why the world became so excited that there was water in Mars is because water is the main key to support life. There is a possibility that there is already life on Mars, so discovering water on Mars was a huge step closer to discovering this possibility. NASA along with other space stations do plan to literally dig deeper in this theory and to see if there is water underneath the surface, because where there is water, there is life.