Get to Know our Librarian

Kelsey Heffernan, Staff Writer

Bingham is so lucky to have a librarian like Mrs. Albrecht. Not only does she love her
job, but she loves the students at Bingham even more.
“It’s the best job in the whole school,” she said. “I love getting to interact with all the
students in the school in a setting that isn’t as academically stressful for them.”
It is common for students to not like reading. Maybe you are overwhelmed with
homework or busy with activities. But Mrs. Albrecht believes that if a student does not like to
read, it is because they have not found a book that they connect with yet.
For any students who would like to find a book, Mrs. Albrecht is always willing to help.
All you need to do is give her a general idea of what you are interested in, and her superhero
librarian powers will help find you the perfect book.
Mrs. Albrecht has always enjoyed reading. As a child, her sister taught her to read before
she even went to kindergarten! And the first book she was ever given, she read “over and over
and over again.” With such a love for reading, it is no wonder she wanted to become a librarian.
Before working at Bingham, she was a public librarian and her manager suggested that
she go back to school and become a school librarian. “So that’s what I did, and it was the best
decision ever!” she said.
Mrs. Albrecht loves working at Bingham. She loves the faculty members and the
students, and to top it off she thinks our library is beautiful.
“Our atmosphere and history makes it stand out from all the other libraries,” she said,
“And we are even the biggest library in the district.”
When Mrs. Albrecht is not in her natural habitat, the library, she likes to read, sew, and
work on her farm with her horse and cattle.
Some advice that Mrs. Albrecht would like to give to the students of Bingham: “It is so
important for kids to read because it makes you such a better student. Even if it is just reading the
newspaper or if it’s reading online, just to get into the habit of reading because it increases your
vocabulary and your capability to write better. It is a great skill that everyone should have. You
can always pick up a book, but you can’t always pick up some other hobbies that you may have.”
So stop by Bingham’s library and pick up a book that you can connect with. Mrs.
Albrecht can help you fall in love with reading and all the benefits that come along with it.