Super Tuesday 2016

Megan Hutchings, A&E Editor

Super Tuesday for the 2016 election came to a close with Donald Trump in the lead for

the Republicans, and Hillary Clinton in the lead for the Democrats. This year Super Tuesday was

held on March 1, 2016.Even though Donald Trump didn’t win Texas, he was still able to pull in

the lead and be the clear winner for the Republican party with a win in seven states. Despite

the fact that he was in the lead however, Ted Cruz ended up being closer behind him than most

people expected him to be, and Marco Rubio was very far behind. Hillary was able to pull

forward for the Democrats  with a total of 5 states. Those states were Florida, Ohio, Illinois,

Missouri, and North Carolina. According to, Donald Trump won the states

Alabama, Tennesse, Massechussetts, Arkansas, Virginia, and Vermont. Ted Cruz was able to win

Oklahoma, Texas, and Alaska. Marco Rubio was far behind with only a victory in Minnesota.

Super Tuesday is one of the most important days in the presidential election process.

Super Tuesday is one of the deciding factors that will help determine which candidates citizens

will have the opportunity to vote for this November. said that “While many

sports fans look forward to Super Bowl Sunday, Americans who follow politics look forward to

Super Tuesday.” Super Tuesday is the day when nearly half the states of the Union hold their

political meetings such as primaries, caucuses, and conventions to determine their candidate

for president. According to the New York Times, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts,

Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia held primaries on March 1st, and other

states held caucuses.

Many states choose to hold their primaries and caucuses on the same day so that they

can maximize their influence on the election process. A lot of the states and territories that are

involved in Super Tuesday have smaller populations and fewer delegates, so by holding their

primaries and caucuses on the same day, they can have a greater effect on electing the next

president of the United States.

While a lot of people focus on Super Tuesday on the first Tuesday of the month, March

15th is also an important day in the election process this year. considers it to be

the second Super Tuesday. Only five states participate on this day, but it is still significant

because of the number of delegates that are involved. Several of the states that held their

primaries and caucuses on these days are large states. There are many other important election

dates that will be throughout the rest of the year. On July 18-21, the Republican National

Convention in Cleveland will take place, which is where the Republican party will be officially

chosen. Following this on July 25-28th, the Democratic party will officially select their nominee.

It all comes to a close on November 8, 2016, which is election day.

There are a lot of important dates throughout the presidential election process, and

Super Tuesday is one of the most important of them all.