Getting to Know our Principal

Ana Ramos and Konnor Woodburn

Her name is Richards-Khong, and her mission is to make every student in every school

organization feel like they have a place here at Bingham. She believes that if students have

somewhere they can be themselves and share their talents, they will be more confident in the

future. As principal of Bingham High School, it has been her main goal to give every group the

attention it deserves.

Ms. Richards-Khong began her career as a theater teacher, and she always loved

spending time with the students. Even as a principal, her first priority is the welfare of each and

every student at Bingham. She strongly believes that the best way to run a school is to get input

from the students on what they need to be done. Ms. Richards-Khong said, “Just by having

students invested in education it helps them be better community members too.” She wants to

hear our ideas, not just for her benefit, but to help us in our lives as well. Ms. Richards-Khong is

responsible for spreading out the school’s money so that Bingham is not just known for its

sports, but for all extracurricular activities. One of her favorite quotes, by character Dolly Levy

from the musical Hello Dolly, describes this perfectly: “Money, pardon the expression, is like

manure. It's not worth a thing unless it's spread around, encouraging young things to grow.” This

quote explains Ms. Richards-Khong ideal that she wishes above all to aid her students and help

them succeed.

High school is trying to prepare us for life, both making us ready academically and as a

way to make us responsible citizens. Ms. Richards-Khong is working towards the goal of

helping everyone to discover their unique talents, by giving them chances for doing new things.

She wants us as students to have many different choices to realize that no matter our talents, we

are all worth something. “If you don’t feel like your school cares about you or that your school

cares about what you like to do or what your talents are it’s hard to be an invested community

member,” Richards-Khong said.

In her line of work, she is not just the boss; she makes it obvious that her goals are

focused on the student body first. Better than that, anyone can see that thanks to her hard work

there are visible improvements in Bingham concerning clubs and sports teams, which are now

equally important. Richards-Khong is first and foremost a teacher who cares about us just as

much as she did before she became an administrator.