Feature: Mr. Hutchings

Brooklyn Bailey and Kelsey Heffernan

Mr. Hutchings is Bingham’s newest Vice Principal.  Learn about him and what he does outside of school.

Mr. Hutchings’ favorite part of Bingham is seeing the students succeed in a lot of different ways.  He says that Bingham is different than other schools because we expect greatness.  Whether it be in performing arts, athletics, or scholastic, Bingham High School knows that they will be great.  “That is one thing that Bingham has that stands out to me,” he says of Bingham’s excellence.

His favorite part of his job is watching students grow, develop, and reach the goals that they have set for themselves.  “Seeing them learn from their mistakes and leaving Bingham prepared and ready to be successful in all areas of life,” said Mr. Hutchings.

When Mr. Hutchings was in high school he went to Granite High School, which has actually been torn down because it was an old school.  Mr. Hutchings lettered in fours sports in high school and was also a Madrigal. “High school is really a time to try a lot of different things,” Mr. Hutchings says.

After high school he attended Western Michigan University playing as a receiver on the football team.

In his free time he enjoys watching sports.  He says, “Me being an assistant principal really goes well with what I like to do.  Even if I wasn’t a VP, I enjoy going to high school games and activities.”  He also enjoys getting exercise and doing sports of any kind.

He wanted to become a Vice Principal because of his great experience in school.  For ten years, before deciding to become a business teacher, he worked in the business field.  After teaching for six years at Riverton High School, he saw an opportunity to help people, like those who helped him in high school.

Mr. Hutchings likes to be involved in the school so that he can connect with students.  “A big part of it is seeing them succeed, and then being able to share that with them,” he says.  Getting to know students on a personal level, like finding common interests, is really an important part of his job.

Mr. Hutchings has three kids.  One of his daughters graduated last year and now attends Utah State.  His other daughter is in seventh grade, and his son is in ninth grade.