Feature Story: Ms. Cox

Abby Anderson, Business Manager

Marathon runner, gymnast, mother and athletic trainer. You could call Ms. Cox superwoman. She has lost count of how many marathons and half- marathons she has run. However, some of her favorite marathons she has participated in are the Ogden Marathon and the St. George Marathon. Cox is currently training for the Provo Heights Marathon in the spring of 2017. With how many marathons Cox has participated in, one would think that she has been running her whole life, but she didn’t start running until after college. Not only does she enjoy running her heart out, but she loves being with her five kids. Her oldestis a junior at Bingham, and her youngest is seven months old and is in Bingham’s daycare. Cox enjoys going on hikes with her family and doing other fun activities with them. They are her pride and joy. Ms. Cox’s personal life matches her career perfectly. She is an athletic trainer here at Bingham helping many of the different sports teams. If you have a class with her, it isn’t uncommon that her teaching is interrupted with athletes coming in needing a tape job. Darian, a student in her Sports Medicine class, said, “ She tapes injuries so fast! If you blink you might miss it!”

Ms. Cox was first introduced to athletic training between her sophomore and junior years of high school. She got injured in gymnastics, which she participated in during high school.It was in her during her time in physical therapy that she became inspired to become an athletic trainer. She went to BYU for her undergraduate degree and has been doing what she loves ever since. Her advice to students that are interested in becoming athletic trainers or physical therapists is: “Volunteer at the high school and college level.” She hopes that this will give students a taste of what they will be doing and will give them experience that will help them in college.

Ms. Cox has been teaching at Bingham for a number of years. When asked what her favorite part of her job was she said: “ I love seeing students succeed. I love to see students find their passion.” This is very fitting because she works with Bingham’s successful athletes and it could be said that she has helped them find that success. On the other hand, Cox’s worst part of the job is grading papers. Ms. Cox loves where she is at in life and hopes in five years that she is still teaching and working with students. She draws motivation and inspiration from a lot of different places in hopes to be the most well-rounded she can be.

Ms. Cox is a valued employee and loved teacher here at Bingham. She inspires students with her outstanding attitude and caring personality.