Meet the Ladies of the Main Office

Konnor Woodburn, News Editor

You’ve seen them dozens of times when you go to ask a question or pay a fine, but chances are you really don’t know their names or who they are. Jayne Aguilar, Jill McGary, Chris Westra, Kristen Hogan, Rachel Smith, Kerrie Clark, and Lisa Ford are the familiar faces behind the counter, but what you might not realize is just how interesting they actually are.

These women play a very important role at this school, being in charge of the finance for our school. They also each came to Bingham in a different way. Aguilar, for example, came over to Bingham when Jordan and Canyons Districts split.

They all agreed that the best part of their job is, according to Westra, “working with the students.”. Alternatively, when asked about the most challenging part of her job, McGary replied jokingly, “the students.” However, despite the challenges of working in a school each of them agreed that they love being here at Bingham.

These ladies each have a different story that has shaped them over the years. They all are especially focused on family. Aguilar, Westra, and Smith all have grandchildren that they adore. Smith even FaceTime’s her one-year-old granddaughter in North Carolina every day. McGary has three sons, all of whom are Bingham Miners. Hogan has an eight-year-old daughter who really wants to be a Bingham student.

These women are very unique individuals who work hard to help keep our school running like it should. They have a lot of love for Bingham and want to be here. Aguilar said, “We all had other opportunities to leave, but we chose to stay.” They are very cheerful and laugh a lot, and consider themselves friends. Next time that you’re in the main office, take a second to say hi and maybe get to know these women a little better.