Lunch Ladies

Lunch would not be the same without our amazing Bingham High lunch ladies. sophomores all the way to seniors get to see these ladies in action every day while they get their school lunch. Being greeted with a smile and a warm plate of food is amazing while you are pushing through another day of school.

Many of us don’t know the ladies who make all of the school food that we eat everyday. Let’s start with their names: Mary Ann Carter, Antonia, Jill Kretzschmann, Jarilyn Stephens, Natalie Christensen, Valerie Richardson, Alisha Butterfield, and Julie Nokes. Why would these ladies want to make food for the masses every day?  Jill Kretzschmann said that she does it so she can be home during the summers and because she likes to cook. Many of the other ladies agreed with Jill that they love to cook and the schedule is pretty awesome too. They never work nights, weekends or holidays and their work day is usually over by 2-3. That is a super nice schedule if you think about it. In addition to the nice schedule and the love of cooking, they all agreed that they enjoy seeing the smiling faces of the students everyday. How many of you say thank you when you get your food? All of the lunch ladies agreed that they love the appreciation that students give them. Julie Nokes said “It really makes the work worth it when they thank us.”

We all know those people who complain about the lunch menu or maybe that person is us. According to Mary Ann Carter,“head chef”, said “ We are considered Nutrition Workers for the district. We just make the food that is sent to us so we don’t have a lot of say in what food we feed you all.” They are simply just doing their job. Carter also said, “Sometimes we wish we could be giving the students different food. But that just what is sent to us.” These ladies work really hard to make food for the 2,400 students here at Bingham High. They all agreed that feeding the masses doesn’t come without making some humorous mistakes. Jari Stephens shared a story about a time when one of the ladies put too much water in the bread mixture and the yeast made it overflow the bowl, getting all over the place. “We were trying to get it into the sink as fast as possible. It was crazy!” Stephens said, “It’s really embarrassing when we burn food because the whole school can tell that we burnt something.” During the interview, these ladies laughed like good friends as they talked about these embarrassing and funny moments. It was evident that they know how to work really hard but can laugh and have fun while doing it.

The lunch ladies are amazing with everything that they do for the students of Bingham High school. We appreciate your kindness and hard work here at Bingham everyday.