Mr. True Blue 2017


Photo by Britney Chen

Kylee Rasmussen, Sports Editor

He’s beauty and he’s grace, he’s Mr. True Blue. Friday, December 15th Bingham history was made as the first Mr. True Blue was crowned.

The True Blue pageant was a tradition here at Bingham a long time ago but it was originally called “Miner Man.” Senior council member Joy Kavapalu and several members of student government decided to revive the pageant this year for the fundraising, and we are all eternally grateful that they did. “We wanted to create a sense of community and togetherness during True Blue this year, to really get the seniors involved and having fun,” Kavapalu said. The point of the True Blue Pageant is not only to get out and have fun, but it will only help raise money for True Blue, the fundraising cause here at Bingham. By the end, they raised roughly $300 through ticket sales and a table full of canned food for he HOSA food drive.

Judges, Mrs. Kammeyer, and Mr. Jensen definitely have their work cut out for them with such an amazing group of contestants. The top ten include Alan Martinez, Hunter Johnson, Shadrick O’Brien, Tyler Van Patten, Garrett Swain, Tyler Hewitt, Riley Mortensen, Ethan Baggaley, Ethan Bringhurst, and Brayden Warner.

But all the hard work paid off the day of the competition. During the pageant contestants participated in a talent competition, and a Mean Girls inspired performance to the seminal Christmas classic “Jingle Bell Rock” and Christmas-inspired costume contest.  There was also a questionnaire portion of the competition with questions that really got the contestants thinking, such as how to solve child hunger and ease nuclear conflicts as well as lighter questions like what food would they be and what is their favorite date (FYI: the answer was April 25th).

All the contestants showcased their unique skills and talents in the talent portion full of singing, dancing, a parody make-up skit, and close up magic tricks. Some highlights were a saxophone solo by Hunter Johnson, an original song on the guitar by Tyler Van Patten and an opera performance of Ava Maria by Brayden Warner.

This was followed up by a holiday costume contest where each contestant was judged on how creative their costume was as they strutted down the runway in red and green leggings and ugly Christmas sweaters.

In the end, the winner was Tyler Van Patten, with Tyler Hewitt at second and Hunter Johnson at third.

We all congratulate the first ever Mr. True Blue and all the contestants for all the hard work raising money for True blue, making it through the rigorous competition and the evening full of laughs and enjoyment for the student body.